My market, my kitchen, week 9!

by Becca Camacho

July 19, 2014

We’re in the thick of summer and the market is brimming with colorful, fresh goods.  This week the vendors will be bringing blueberries, potatoes, raspberries, summer squash, cucumbers, raspberries.  Fulton will also have tart cherries, gooseberries, black currants, and red / pink currants!   We’re picking three of our favorites this week to feature.  So, tie on your apron and cook along with us.  Upload your photos and tag them #mymarketmykitchen.  We look forward to seeing your version of these dishes!


Roasted Broccoli and Farro Salad with Feta
from Fine Cooking

This salad is the epitome of a tried and true recipe.  We follow the directions to a ‘T’ each and every time.  There has been temptation in the past to roast the broccoli or cook the farro ahead of time but when the warm vegetables and grains are folded in with the vinegar and the cheese to create a huge flavor with a simple salad, we are reminded why we don’t take shortcuts with this recipe.  Waxwing Farm & Thao Farm are bringing broccoli and Singing Hills Dairy has your feta.*  If you don’t already have a stash of wheat berries (farro) from Uproot Farm, bookmark this recipe to pull out in a couple of weeks when Sarah will be back!  We hope you love this salad as much as we do.

Mexican Green Bean Salad
from Simply Recipes

Step up your taco night with a summer Mexican salad.  This is both a pretty and delicious dish to serve.  It would pair well with grilled chicken that has been treated with a peppery rub or your favorite fish taco recipe.  If you want to grab some cheese while you’re at the market, you can substitute feta for the crumbly cotija.  Even a fresh chevre would be an interesting substitute here.  Svihel Farms, Yer Yang, and others are bringing you the “freshest green beans you can find” as recommended in this recipe.  Enjoy!


Blueberry Raspberry Crisp with Granola Topping
Adapted from several recipes

The vendor, Patti’s Granola and Rosemary Nuts, will be at the market this weekend.  She makes fabulous granola and we recommend using her maple pecan mix in this recipe.  Peter’s Pumpkins and Carmen’s Corn, & Mary Dirty Face Farm will be bringing the raspberries and Svihel Farm will be bringing the first of the season’s blueberries!


2 cups fresh raspberries
2 cups fresh blueberries
⅔ cups of sugar
1 tablespoon orange zest
1 tablespoon corn starch


1 cup all-purpose flour
½ cup light brown sugar, packed
½ teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt
½ cup of unsalted butter (1 stick)
2 cups granola

Preheat the oven to 350.  

Butter an 8×8 inch glass baking dish.

In a large bowl add the berries, sugar, zest and cornstarch.  Very gently, mix them all together.  Turn the fruit out into the prepared baking dish.

Next, in a food processor, pulse 1 cup of the flour with the brown sugar, baking powder and salt. Pulse in the butter. Pulse in the granola.  Top the fruit with the filling.

Bake the crisp for 25-35 minutes until the fruit is bubbling and the topping is browned.  Let cool at least 10 minutes and serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

*Vendors such as Blia Yang will have broccoli at Kingfield on Sunday, but feta is only available on Saturday at Fulton, or at our Nokomis Market on 7/23, where you can also find Singing Hills Dairy!

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  1. Josie
    July 19, 2014 at 3:01 am #

    Roasted Broccoli and Farro Salad with Feta is a lovely recipe. We’ve made this countless time and I have come to crave it.

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